Meet Starlight Woods. They are a brand focused on repurposing raw materials to create unique jewelry and houseware pieces. The jewelry line is made entirely from fallen tree branches. The houseware line is made from repurposed wood pallets as well as fallen tree branches.


Lisa DiSciascio is the founder and creator of Starlight Woods. She grew up with creativity as my main form of expression. She went to art school upon graduting high school and graduated with a degree in photography. It was not until 4 years ago that I started Starlight Woods. We were struggling trying to make ends meet and what started as simply being creative with my two daughters at the kitchen table. This eventually developed into a full blown business. A business that after just 1 year made it possible to quit her day job and support my family with my passion.


This business has not only allowed Lisa to support her family financially but also fully participate in every aspect of my children’s lives. Starlight Woods is now sold in more than 30 stores throughout the US and a few internationally.

Lisa sees the future of Starlight Woods with full of possibilities. Her houseware line is growing and will soon be fully launched. She recently participated Fund on Etsy, a brand new crowd funding platform which proved to be a learning experience more than anything. Crowd funding is something that she is still learning about and is not sure it is something that I will do again in the future. I grew this business from nothing.


I had no money to back me up and I have succeeded. I think it is a great idea for Etsy to make this available to sellers to help grow certain business’s or launch new ideas but I do not think it is necessary to succeed. Hard work and passion can get you there as well.

Starlight Woods can be found on Etsy.

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