Meet Kari and Jeff McCarn

Kari and Jeff McCarn own and operate an art and signage shop that designs and hand makes vintage looking art and signage. They are a husband and wife team, Kari is the product designer/ artist and has been in the business for over 25 years of fine art and graphics . Jeff, her husband has a construction background and a “do it yourself” kind of guy. He is the muscle that builds the frames and backing for Kari’s beautiful art!

What started as a business as a way to earn extra income, has rapidly expanded. Kari worked as a product designer for a local Christian art Wholesale manufacturer, and just decided that she would like to share her designs with all, instead of creating them for someone else and only design what they wanted to sell. That is when DesignHouse was born!

Kari and Jeff participate in the wholesale program of Etsy. Thier goal is to expand our shop into  more in this wholesale while still doing the retail as well. They do many custom orders and like that aspect as well. Currently, they outsource the printing for their products, but would love to own our own Large format printer.


They were recently invited to the beta crowd funding platform – Fund on Etsy. Since the Fund on Etsy platform is in beta, Kari says, “it’s all been a learning curve for all involved, so the experience has mixed vibes for us and I think in general it would be an awesome tool for all shops to grow when the kinks are worked out!”

We think Etsy is a great selling community.

Kari says the admin at Etsy are great to work with and all the shop owners are very helpful towards one another and that is hard to find in any corporate environment. Kari and Jeff hope Etsy continues to grow and thrive for all the small business owners who sell on this platform and wish them much success, whatever that may be!

Design House Decor can be found on Etsy