Meet Erika Higgins

She is the 23 year old Owner of CharmedChicCreations and Stay at home mom to one sweet little boy.

He’s my number one greatest passion, jewelry design and creation is my next.

At CharmedChicCreations, they offer a variety of unique and handcrafted pieces. Her main focus is jewelry, ranging from necklaces to charm bracelets and bangles. However, she features plenty of eccentric, high quality key chains to match each and every trend. Her goal is to present customers with meaningful pieces they can wear with confidence.

Jewelry has been around for centuries and often viewed for its value. CharmedChicCreations hopes to encourage the conception that handmade jewelry is not only about value but rather expression. Each piece is unique to the wearer’s personal life, current mood and personality. Which is why many of our items are available to be customized with birth stones, zodiac symbols, initials etc.

Erika began her journey in early 2015 when she stumbled upon Etsy, and realized that tons of stay at home moms were making and selling handmade jewelry, quilts, candles, décor etc. She thought this would be the perfect opportunity to expand her horizons and make some extra cash, all the while raising her son.

The desire to open CharmedChicCreations came following a personal loss, in hopes of surfacing emotions in others that a particular piece surfaced in her. Erika suffered multiple pregnancy losses after she had her son, but it wasn’t until my third loss that she began to research coping methods of other bereaved mothers. That was when she came across “LaBelle Dame”. This website offered a number of child and pregnancy loss bracelets, in which were designed with the healing stones, rose quartz and blue lace agate. They were so beautiful and held so much meaning; she ordered hers the following day. Erika was able to customize the piece with her angel’s birth stones and engrave the year in which they would have been born. It was almost sudden, that she felt an overwhelming sense of enlightenment wash over her. This gave her closure and she was able to acknowledge her angels existence as well as departure with acceptance and understanding. She carries their birth stones around my wrist and their memory in my heart.

CharmedChicCreations is currently in the process of releasing our own special line of personalized child and pregnancy loss jewelry. Her hopes are high that she could bring the same healing, acceptance, and harmony that the piece in question has brought to her.

Erika says her experience with Etsy has been brilliant, but far from easy.

Handmade is about working hard for a profit and devoting a major chunk of time to your shop, promoting relentlessly and constantly adding new items that coincide with current trends.

It’s been a remarkable learning experience and Erika says it has challenged herself in so many ways, she has set and accomplished goals, and learned many keys to success but most importantly, she has learned the true meaning of the word “handmade”.

Handmade is about the amount of love that goes into your product. In the end, it’s always about the love.

CharmedChicCreations store can be found on Etsy. Leave a comment below.